What is Acacia?

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Acacia, also known as a thorntree or wattle is a genus of shrubs and trees belonging to the family of Fabaceae, native to Africa, Europe and Southern Asia.  There are roughly 1,300 species of Acacia worldwide, about 960 native to Australia. They are mainly used for making furniture, ornaments, firewood and flooring.  Many non- Australian species are thorny but the majority of Australian acacias are not.  The leaves are compound pinnate (refers to feather-like) in general.  The flower has five very small petals. They are yellow or cream-colored in most species, whitish in some, purple and even red in other species.

Acacia seeds are often used for food and a variety of other products such as ornamental uses: they are grown as ornamental in gardens due to some have very attractive silvery leaves and bright yellow flowers.  They are also used by homeowners for home security: the sharp thorns of some species may prevent break-ins if planted under windows or near drain pipes.  Several parts of acacia are also used to make incense for rituals, mainly in India, Nepal and China.  Some other species are valuable as timber such as the blackwood from Australia which attains a great size, its wood is used for furniture.


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