Double Poolside | Lake Hammock

Bring home our Poolside | Lake Hammock and earn big splash points with the family. It holds over 400 pounds and easily sleeps two adults, whether they’re wet or dry. The polyester yarn is coated with Textilene, a special 100% waterproof polyester blend coated with vinyl that dries super-fast and won’t irritate wet skin. Before you’ve dried off in the warm sun your hammock will offer you dry comfort.
Our double model is beautiful to look at, too. With attractive wooden spreader bars and durable metal grommets for holding and stretching the fabric, your new hammock is a lovely addition to any pool deck or cottage exterior. Choose your favorite color to go with your patio or pool area and take just a minute or two to set it up.

• Textilene construction is completely waterproof.
• Comes in four colors (Red, Sand, Sawgrass, Blue & White Stripes).
• 13 feet long with 6.6 foot by 4.6 foot bed/lounge area.
• Classic hammock look with spreader-bars.
• 450 pound capacity.
Includes 2 S-Hooks and 2 chains.
• Comfy non-irritating material dries quickly.
• A dazzler by the pool!

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Caribbean Hammocks

Caribbean Hammock Chair


Hammock Chairs bring style and relaxation to any décor. Our Hammock Chairs are hand woven from soft spun polyester, unlike similar cotton chairs they will not rot, mold or mildew, woven into the body is an extra long extend able footrest that enables the user to really stretch out.
The tropical hardwood spreader bar has multiple coats of marine varnish to protect it from the elements.
These are the largest and most
comfortable hammock chairs anywhere.


Caribbean Mayan Hammock


Caribbean Mayan Hammocks are based on the original Hammock designs of the early Central American civilizations. Upgraded with thicker weather resistant soft-spun polyester, these Mayan Hammocks will not rot mold or mildew.
This style of
hammock is considered the most comfortable by hammock aficionado’s.

  • 100% Polyester Rope (Weather Durable)
  • Sized to hold 2 adults plus
  • Available in over 10 stunning colors.


Caribbean Jumbo Hammock


Hammocks bring style and relaxation to any location. Our Caribbean Jumbo Hammocks are hand woven from soft spun polyester, unlike similar cotton hammocks they will not rot, mold or mildew. The bed of the hammock is woven with an extra tight micro-weave design providing the ultimate in comfort and stability.
The wood spreader bar has multiple coats of marine varnish to protect it from the elements and is a full 55 inches wide giving ample room for any sized couple.
These are the largest and most
comfortable hammocks anywhere.


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Best Places to Hang a Hammock


Images: HammockTrader

Shady Areas:  If you have two trees that are strong enough and big enough to support the weight just go for it.  This is the most traditional place to hang your hammock.  You’ll enjoy a beautiful and relaxing area under the shade provided by the trees you’ve selected.

Porch or Covered Patios:  This is another option that provides shade and support for your hammock.  Walls and posts are the perfect places to set anchors.  The shelter provided by a covered area also keeps your hammock out of the rain and helps it to last even longer.

Portable Stands The convenience of a portable hammock stand is that you can choose where to place your hammock and enjoy a good relaxing time.  Whether its under a shady area or even close to a pool where you can also enjoy the sunshine.  The choice is totally up to you, just make sure you choose a hammock made with durable all-weather fabrics for longer durability.

Relaxing in a hammock is such an enjoyable way to spend a day off.  Very easy to add one in your backyard!


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